A question about on GPO startup script to deploy Office 2010 RRS feed

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  • I created a script using GPO to deploy Office 2010 when Client PC startup. But it was returned error code 9009 in the cmd after the setup file launched.

    The content of batch file shown below: 

    net use o: \\\softwares\office\office2010 /user:admin admin
    "o:\sources\setup.exe" /adminfile "o:\unattend.msp"
    echo %errorlevel% > c:123.log
    net use /delete o:
    This script I tried and sucessfully launch while the PC logged on. And I sure the script was launched
    2010年7月28日 上午 02:58


  • 你可以在下面兩行指令後面都加上 ">> C:\log.txt"

    net use o: \\\softwares\office\office2010 /user:admin admin >> C:\log.txt
    "o:\sources\setup.exe" /adminfile "o:\unattend.msp" >> C:\log.txt

    然後再檢查看看log.txt裡面的訊息(也可以貼上來看看) :)

    PS:echo %errorlevel% > c:123.log 這行就暫時先移除 , 否則怕會把先前紀錄覆蓋


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    2010年7月29日 上午 07:42