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  • 各位好,最近要做一个系统升级的项目,涉及到Exchange 5.5 migrate->Exchange 2000. 不知各位能否推荐这方面的书/资料?(其中Exchange 5.5 的书/资料尤其难找)以及交流心得?

    另外,这个项目是Cisco IP Phone System中的Unity系统升级,希望和各位交流和共享经验。
    2007年5月11日 下午 05:59



  • 就投資報酬率而言,不建議您Migrade到Exchnage 2000

    若以3~5年的投資效益來看應該昇級到Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2003


    2007年5月12日 上午 01:26
  • Thank  you for your reply.


    Now I am reading the material that you recommend.


    As for Exchange version, 2003/2007,   I just follow vendor's advice. Now the target version is Exchange2000.  It will finally upgrade to Exchange2003.


    Thanks again.




    2007年5月17日 下午 08:29
  • Hello everyone,


    Here is some details about upgrading Exchange5.5 to Exchange 2000.      I appreciate your reply


    I will deploy a project--upgrading Exchange5.5 to Exchange 2000.Here is the main steps:
    1. backup current Exchange5.5 data
    2. install Windows2K server w/Exchange 2000 from scratch.(not replacing server hardware,
    Windows2k server and Exchange 2000 server are located in the same server)
    3. recover Exchange5.5 data on New windows2000 w/Exchange 2000 server
    I got a few questions here.
    1. Should Domain name keep the same?
    2. Should I run Active Directory connetcor for recovering Exchange5.5 data?

    Hope to share experience with you. Thanks for your reply.


    Exchange5.5 installed on Windows2000 server A,
    Users in WindowsNT 4.0 server B,

    After migrating:
    Remove WindowsNT 4.0 server B,
    Reinstall windows server A,  install Exchange2000 on it, A will be Domain Controller

    2007年5月24日 下午 05:21