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    SITE A在國內,內有一台DC-A
    SITE B在國外,內有一台DC-B
    國外地區的網段都劃到SITE B,所以理論上應該都找DC-B做驗證,但有以下疑問:

    2.如果有些網段沒有劃入SITE A或SITE B,那些網段的CLIENT PC又會怎麼找DC做驗證呢?
    2009年12月24日 上午 08:13


  • 不知道你的DC是什麼樣的作業系統

    假如是Server2003的話..有一個Automatic Site Coverage的功能

    如果Site B裡面的DC掛了..SiteB裡面的Client端會去找最近的Site的DC去做驗證



    How DNS Support for Active Directory Works

    Domain Controllers Running Windows Server 2003 Perform Automatic Site Coverage for Sites with RODCs

    Automatic Site Coverage

    There is not necessarily a domain controller in every site. For various reasons, it is possible that no domain controller exists for a particular domain at the local site. By default, each domain controller checks all sites in the forest and then checks the replication cost matrix. A domain controller advertises itself (registers a site-related SRV record in DNS) in any site that does not have a domain controller for that domain and for which its site has the lowest-cost connections. This process ensures that every site has a domain controller that is defined by default for every domain in the forest, even if a site does not contain a domain controller for that domain. The domain controllers that are published in DNS are those from the closest site (as defined by the replication topology).

    For example, given one domain and three sites, a domain controller for that domain might be located in two of the sites, but there might be no domain controller for the domain in the third site. Replication to the domain that does not have a domain controller in the third site might be too expensive in terms of cost or replication latency. To ensure that a domain controller can be located in the site closest to a client computer, if not the same site, Windows Server 2003 automatically attempts to register a domain controller in every site. The algorithm that is used to accomplish automatic site coverage determines how one site can cover another site when no domain controller exists in the second site.


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