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    Event ID: 628



    exchange 2003 繁体中文版 sp2

    windows 20003 繁体中文版 sp1

    2007年4月11日 上午 10:32


  • 建議您附上完整的訊息內容
    2007年4月11日 上午 10:53
  • Information Store (<PID>) First Storage Group: Database "<drive>:<path>\priv1.edb": While attempting to move to the next or previous node in a B-Tree (ObjectId: 14846 PgnoRoot: 62024) the database engine skipped over 104 non-visible nodes. It is likely that these non-visible nodes are nodes which have been marked for deletion but which have yet to purged. The database may benefit from widening the online maintenance window during off-peak hours in order to purge such nodes and reclaim their space. If this message persists offline defragmentation may be run to remove all nodes which have been marked for deletion but have yet to be purged from the database. 
    2007年4月11日 上午 11:09
  • 建議您Call PSS
    2007年4月11日 上午 11:46