Win 7 Win XP Network drive not stable, sometime error found and disconnect automatically RRS feed

  • 問題

  • Environment:

    Server : windows 7 pro 32 bit Eng. ver.

    Client Type 1 : windows 7 pro 32 bit Eng. ver. SP1 (total 8pc * win 7 client)

    Client Type 2 : windows XP pro 32 bit CHT. ver. SP3 (total 5pc * win xp client)

    Description :

    I use a win 7 pc to share a folder (e.g. C:\Test) to both win 7 and win xp client. Client will map to a T: drive for network share drive.

    For win 7 client, all 8pc working fine, nothing special.

    For win XP client, all 5pc encounter many problem and error.

    Problem for win XP:

    1. When you open explorer to browse the mapped T: network drive, sometime it will auto disconnected, if you press F5 to refresh content, sometime it success to load back content while sometime failure. 

    2. Sometime the Error message is : "An error occurred while reconnecting T: to \\\test Microsoft windows network : The specified network name is no longer available. This connection has not been restored. "

    3. Sometime the Error message is : "T:\ is not accessible. Not enough server storage is available the process this command. "

    4. Sometime the Error message is about not authorized to access the network drive.

    5. Sometime it can be other error message, but i did not capture them all.

    Any professional to help me solve this big issue. Many Many thanks to your help.

    2012年10月16日 上午 03:02