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  • he problem with Bluetooth File Transfer (from mobile phone to laptop) is on the location of file to be stored.  Initially, a dialogue box comes up when I upload a jpg file to laptop.





    I have done the following to save 80 photos without acknowledgement for every photo uploaded:


    1.       Change “Save in folder” to “2013_10_20” under “Libraries - Pictures”

    2.       Tick the checkbox “Always do this for Picture files from Galaxy Note3”


    After I have done the above, the dialogue box no long shows up for any new upload (even after purging Note3 paired connection and restart my laptop).  All photos are uploaded to “2013_10_20” under “My Pictures”.


    I have a google search and fine the following, deemed related but without a solution:




    Furthermore, when I try to upload a text file to laptop, the file is now directed to Bluetooth Exchange Folder as per Bluetooth Settings.




    Hence, the observation in the above website deems to align with what I have tried.  For Photos and Videos, there are default directory, probably under Libraries - Pictures and Libraries – Videos.  The problem now deems to be ticking of the checkbox “Always do this for Picture files from Galaxy Note3”.


    To rectify this, I would need the way to “reset” the checkbox.  Any suggestion?

    Thanks & Regards


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