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    想請教一下我已經重新建置SMS 2003 並且升級到SP3 之後安裝 ITMU V3 以後所下載到的都是英文(美國)語系,但我已經去修改過Download.ini加入了Addlocales=0x0404為什麼在Software Update 還是看不到繁體中文版本呢?可否指點我一下呢?  謝謝

    2007年8月2日 上午 12:39


  • Adding Support for Additional Languages

    SMS 2003 Inventory Tool for Microsoft Updates now supports updates for all languages in a single catalog but only displays updates in the language of your site server. After downloading the catalog, all patches in the site server’s language will be available to distribute to clients with the Distribute Software Updates Wizard (no longer limited to the last 30 days as in SMS 2003 SP1). Updates for different languages on clients will become available when they have returned their inventory results through hardware inventory. Alternatively, you can add locales to the downloaded catalog by editing the download.ini file so that updates for different languages will be listed independently from inventory results.

    To configure download.ini for additional languages

    1.       In the PkgSource folder, open Download.ini in a text editor. The PkgSource folder is under the destination folder you selected during Setup, usually under Program Files.

                In the “[Download1]” section, add the following line:


                Specify one or more explicit Locale IDs (LCIDs). If you specify more than one LCID, separate them by commas.

    For example, to add standard French and Spanish (Spain, Modern Sort), add the following line:


    Note: 1028 ( Taiwan )


    For a list of LCIDs, see the list of language identifiers on TechNet ( The values in this document are in hexadecimal. Convert the value to decimal before use.


    The next time the synchronization advertisement runs, the synchronization host will request a catalog with entries for all specified languages.





    2007年10月19日 上午 01:56