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  • Hi all,
    I am using SQL 2000 and trying to send email by SQL server with MS Outlook 
    2000. In the previous time, I have set up this email function successfully 
    and it worked ok. Somehow, the email function drop after the server is 
    re-located, then I re-configurate it.
    However, after I re-configurate the email session, MS outlook, and SQL 
    Server, SQL server tells me that the email is sent, but i find that there is 
    nothing in the receiver indox. When I execute xp_sendmail, it only prompts me 
    that "Mail Sent", the email seems to be sent but nothing i can receive. 
    While i open MS outlook 2000, it warns me that the .pst file is currently in 
    used by other application, then I need to stop my SQL Agent before open it up.
    Can any one give me an idea about what's wrong with that? 
    2007年3月8日 上午 07:39


  • Dear Nicky,


    First, I am afraid this issue is relate the mail setting cache. In our support experience, if you change the mail server, or pst file corruption, you have to rebuild the mail profile. Second, if xp_sendmail prompt success, it's mean the issue is not on SQL mail because the session already push to mail server. So we suggest you can create a new outlook profile to connect your exchange server, or using POP function to testing. Also, please remove all setting in SQL mail and recreate it.


    Best regards,

    Colin Lin

    Developer Team

    Microsoft GTSC-TW

    2007年4月3日 上午 11:43