Can Exchange 2010 build up DAG only using two servers/nodes? RRS feed

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  • We are planning to setup exchange DAG (running under windows 2008 enterprise). Refer to the setup requirement of DAG, need at least 3 servers. One installed exchange CAS & HTS and another two are mailbox servers. I think that was a normal practice.  But,  we refer to internet information, they mentioned using two servers (running CAS, HTS & MB) to running DAG. That make me confuse. Can anybody help me if two servers could setup DAG and what the disadvantage. Thanks!

    2013年1月30日 上午 03:26



  • Can anybody help?  Hosted CAS & HT & MB in same server (two set) and created DAG. Any disadvantage? if using two server could form up DAG. Why, in the example, Microsoft use the third server to be "CAS and HT"?  Thanks!

    2013年1月30日 上午 07:11
  • Yes , You can.


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