Hard to get login screen of OWA (from oversea) RRS feed

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    I got complain from colleague that they are hard to connect Exchange 2003 mail server from oversea. They use PC from hotel in oversea. They are hard to get the login screen. Sometime they can connect, sometime cannot.


    I tested connection in local from home to office many times without any problem. Can anyone give suggestion?



    2008年8月22日 下午 03:37



    You should get the error message on login screen from user first. Can user get the login page or an error after login processing?

    2008年8月25日 上午 01:43

    They got the "Page cannot be display" message on IE. User cannot get the login page.


    I think it should be cause by slow response from oversea. But, how can I check/ensure there is no problem on my server?  Anyone got similar experience?



    2008年8月26日 上午 09:25
  • In my experience, IIS admin service may terminated unexpectedly. And it will auto restart if you have set the recovery procedure. You may enable the IIS loggin on your exchange Front-End server to check the OWA & ROH connection status. 


    For real time monitoring, MS SCOM or Host Monitor can provide a real time view of web service. FYR


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    2008年8月27日 上午 06:37