請問如何在 2008 Server 的「我的電腦」內加上 OEM 的圖 我發覺 2008 OEM Folder 跟以前不同了. RRS feed

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  • 請問如何在 2008 Server 的「我的電腦」內加上 OEM 的圖 我發覺 2008 OEM Folder 跟以前不同了.
    2010年7月20日 上午 01:32


  • Hi,

    After searching the web, I found the following information:

    The steps work for Windows Server 2008:

    1.    Open regedit and goto: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\OEMInformation

    You may need to manually create this key if it doesn't exist.

    2.    Right-click this key and in right-side pane, create the following string values and set their values as shown below:

    Logo - path_of_OEMlogo.bmp_file
    Manufacturer - Any_desired_name
    Model - Any_desired_name
    SupportHours - Any_desired_time_amount_like_24x7
    SupportPhone - Any_desired_phone_number
    SupportURL - Any_desired_URL

    NOTE: OEMlogo.bmp file should be 96x96 in size and can be placed at any location. 

    3.    Open System Properties (may need rebooting) by right-clicking on My Computer icon on desktop and select Properties, you will see your desired entries in System section and another section will also be created with the same name as you entered in Manufacturer String value. The OEMlogo.bmp file will be shown in right-side of System section.


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