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    Finally Microsoft has given green signal to deploy OCS 2007 in a domain with Windows Server 2008 running as a Domain Controller. Following are the points which should be considered while deploying Office Communications Server 2007 in a Windows Server 2008 domain.

    Running Office Communications Server 2007 on a machine running Windows Server 2008 is not supported.

    Office Communications Server 2007 is supported in a domain having Windows Server 2008 as a Domain Controller. (Provided OCS 2007 itself is not installed on a Windows Server 2008). Again you need to consider following points:

    The Office Communications Server 2007 can be deployed in a domain having Windows Server 2008 as a Domain Controller and its a normal deployment.

    But if you already have an Office Communications Server 2007 setup running in a Windows Server 2003 forest, then you need to prepare your forest once again if you add any Windows Server 2008 Domain Controller (First time). Otherwise Office Communications Server 2007 will not work correctly; some UI elements will disappear, and you will be unable to add more Office Communication Server servers or pools. To resolve this issue, you need to prepare your forest once again for Office Communications Server 2007. You can either use Office Communications Server 2007 deployment wizard or simply reissue one command after the installation of Windows Server 2008, as follows:

    LcsCmd.exe /forest /action:ForestPrep

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