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  • I am using Win Server 2008.  The server is running a web site using IIS and MS Access.

    The server always suddenly get crash.  But during the downtime, I can still access other web pages which are not access any MS Access database file.

    When the server resart again, I always got the following error in the Event Viewer (Event ID 3003):
    Unable to find the Open Procedure name in the registry for service "BITS".

    What is the BITS service actually?  How to get rid of this error?

    My web sites operated smoothly on Win 2003.  But it always get crashed on Win 2008.

    Please help! Thanks!
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  • 是Crash還是Hang??



    你是上面哪一個動作? 麻煩在詳細的描述一下



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