Big Problem of Windows 10 1903 RDP RRS feed

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  • I found a BIG bugs of RDP once windows 10 updated to 1903

    I have a desktop which is main computer, I will use laptop or another desktop to work with it. But I found two problem as follow

    1. If I use my laptop (also windows 10 1903 version), remote to my main desktop, when I use excel, it cannot open if the file have macro function. It will close excel automatically. 

    2. Also we cannot save the shared excel file (which we shared on local network drive via smb), it will say file have problem or locked, cannot save.

    3. But I use another desktop computer to use both function, it won't be any problem

    4. I also tried with windows 10 1803 version, it will not have any problem on point 1 and 2

    This is VERY BAD experience and NOT working for us, please check how to fix or resolve on this issue!!

    2019年10月23日 下午 03:17