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  • 請問如何可以修改 Boot Manager 的設定?
    例如我想修改 timeout 設定由 25 秒到更少?
    又例如自動選擇 image 去部署?

    2010年7月8日 下午 12:00


  • Hi,

    In the server properties box, you can choose a default boot image for each architecture. Set this and you're clients will default to this image instead of the legacy RIS option.

    To change the timeout value, you'll need to edit the default BCD for the corresponding architecture. This is outlined fully in chapter 7 of the WDS whitepaper, but I'll cut and paste a small bit of it here:


    Configure Advanced Boot Options

    In some circumstances, you may want to configure BCD properties to obtain additional functionality.

    To Configure the Default Selection Timeout Value

    The default selection timeout value is set to 30 seconds. You can configure this value by setting the appropriate option in the default.bcd file for your client’s architecture. The steps are:

    1. View the existing configuration settings in the default.bcd store:

      Syntax: bcdedit /enum all /store <full path and filename of store>


      C:\>bcdedit /enum all /store c:\RemoteInstall\Boot\x86\default.bcd
      Windows Boot Manager
      identifier       {bootmgr}
      inherit         {dbgsettings}
      timeout         30
      Real-mode Application (10400009)
      identifier       {40fe5c41-285e-412b-b4cd-0ce498e470a2}
      device         boot
      path          OSChooser\i386\startrom.n12
      description       Remote Installation Services
      pxesoftreboot      Yes
      Debugger Settings
      identifier       {dbgsettings}
      debugtype        Serial
      debugport        1
      baudrate        115200
      Device options
      identifier       {68d9e51c-a129-4ee1-9725-2ab00a957daf}
      ramdisksdidevice    boot
      ramdisksdipath     \Boot\Boot.SDI
    2. Set the appropriate timeout value:

      Syntax: bcdedit /store <full path and filename of store> /set {bootmgr} timeout <value in seconds>


      C:\>bcdedit /store c:\RemoteInstall\Boot\x86\default.bcd /set {bootmgr} timeout 10
    3. Force regeneration of the BCD files in the \Tmp directory by sending a control signal to the server service:

      C:\>sc control wdsserver 129

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