SharePoint 2010 / Reporting Services Integrated mode


  • Hello,

    I'm wondering if it's possible in disaster recovery scenarios to change the Reporting Server in Central admin?

    Is it possible when one SQL Reporting Server has an outage to point to a different just by changing the Reporting Server name/url in the Central Admin page?

    prerequisites of course the configuration on the second box is identical in terms of Databases, Security logins etc.

    Thank you in advance


    2012年6月21日 下午 07:40


  • In order to do this, the SSRS server has to be on a SharePoint Server joined to the farm.  You would manually hook up SSRS to the existing ReportServer/ReportServerTempDb databases, and then apply your backed up encryption key.

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    2012年6月22日 下午 08:57