請問有沒有一些關於 MDT database 的參考? RRS feed

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  • 請問有沒有一些關於 MDT database 的參考?
    另外,MDT 的資料庫是儲存什麼的?
    2010年7月26日 上午 09:35


  • Hi,

    The MDT database is a collection of tables that administrators can use to simplify complex deployment tasks. By typing criteria such as machine type or operating system, administrators can manage individualized settings to cover a large number of deployment variables. As a deployment progresses, the ZTIGather.wsf script retrieves attributes from the system that can be used to match settings in the MDT database. These settings can include custom configuration options such as System Name, Time Zone, and even the list of applications that are to be installed.

    Applications added to the database are called when their database entry meets criteria collected by ZTIGather.wsf. They are installed in the order that they appear in the Applications list in the database record.

    For more information about Windows Planning and Deployment Tools, you can refer to the following webcast:



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