Can't login Exchange from Outlook Express to get email RRS feed

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  • I am using SBS 2003 with Exchange server. My PC use Outlook Express to setup a POP3 email account ( using peter@mycompany.local to login ) to get email from Exchange, and it works properly. However, when I add another email account using mary@mycompany.local to login, it fails and the error message is listed below : 


    登入您的郵件伺服器時發生錯誤。您的密碼被拒絕。 帳戶: 'Sales', 伺服器: '', 通訊協定: POP3, 伺服器回應: '-ERR Logon failure: account currently disabled.', 連接埠: 110, 安全(SSL): 否, 伺服器錯誤: 0x800CCC90, 錯誤碼: 0x800CCC92




    2008年6月24日 上午 02:51