Internet sharing on vista RRS feed

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  • Hi,


    I have a problem with Internet sharing on vista.


    I have read the article  ID:937168 , and can not obtain that hot-fix since our dear Chinese support team simply not answering phone on weekend.


    And I have other problems. I have a vista U 32 desktop connect to the Internet via pppoe, and to a laptop using wireless ad-hoc connection on vista B 32. They work smoothly. But when I try to share the pppoe Internet to the wireless network, the desktop will lost it's Internet access right away, although  the pppoe link is still on. And of course it has nothing to share to the laptop.


    And Some may think vista prefers switching to the wireless network for a Internet connection, whenever possible.


    And MS is surely enjoying taking their time on solving these  problems as usual.


    Can anyone help me here? Thx.

    2007年7月7日 上午 05:58


  • 你可以暫時換個方法,把區域連線和無線連線選起來,建立橋接器連線,然後筆記型電上也建立一個PPPoE連線,透過無線Ad-Hoc網路連線。
    2007年7月7日 上午 08:55