server2008使用內建windows server backup 但在備份時無法使用磁帶機備份 RRS feed

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  • server2008使用內建windows server backup 但在備份時無法使用磁帶機備份
    能幫我解答一下為何在windows server backup程式中看不到磁帶機這個備份選項嗎
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  • 題外話,Server 2008的問題以後請在該專區進行討論 - Server 2008 專區
    Server 2008裡面的Server Backup不支援備份到磁帶機的動作

    Windows Server Backup Step-by-Step Guide for Windows Server 2008


    Special considerations

    You must be a member of the Administrators group or Backup Operators group to use Windows Server Backup.

    In Windows Server 2008, the firewall has been enabled by default. If you are managing the backups of another computer using the Windows Server Backup snap-in, your connectivity to the remote computer may be affected and can be resolved by changes in the firewall rules. While working on the local computer, you are not affected.

    Also, if you are a current user of the previous backup feature (Ntbackup.exe) that shipped in earlier versions of Windows, and plan to switch to the new Windows Server Backup, you might be affected by the following issues and changes:

    • Settings for creating backups will not be upgraded when you upgrade to Windows Server 2008. You will need to reconfigure settings.
    • You will need a separate, dedicated disk for running scheduled backups.
    • Only NTFS-formatted volumes on a locally attached disk can be backed up.
    • You can no longer back up to tape. (However, support of tape storage drivers is still included in Windows Server 2008.) Windows Server Backup supports backing up to external and internal disks, DVDs, and shared folders.
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