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  • Just in the past week we are getting a license warning every morning on our SBS 2003 server.  It says we are nearing the maximum in per server mode.  We have not changed or added any new hardware or users so I don't know why it is popping up.  It seems to be on the server console every morning but I don;t see an entry anywhere in the event log.  I have also disabled license logging but it still pops up.  We are licensed for 10 users, is there a way to see what licenses are being used?  Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.


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  • I am currently having the same issue due to disk space on the C drive.  It somehow drops all added CALs from licensing.  I restore the old ones and it works fine for a few days then the same thing happens.  Am looking now for the cause - seems to be SQL dump file filling the C drive but not sure why SBS 'loses' the CALS.
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  • Hi SCS,

    Microsoft license usage is a little bit mysterious.  Some things, such as sending print jobs to a printer shared from the server, accessing file shares, and logging into OWA, use a license.  Some forms of connectivity do not.  As far as I know, there is no way to view a breakdown of what is using your licenses.  I believe this is by design; it is Microsoft's secret sauce, if you will.

    My recommendation is to re-enable license logging.  In the event logs you will see the warnings that the server is approaching its limit.  Soon after you may see an error indicating that the server has denied a connection.  This means that one of your users was possibly unable to print, access OWA, or access a file share.

    How many simultaneous users do you have on this network?  It is very likely that you need additional CALs.

    Best regards,

    Dylan Hall
    Microsoft Certified Small Business Specialist
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    2009年4月10日 上午 07:28