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  • 今天公司的MOSS 2007在做往常的搜尋文件功能時出現如下訊息:

    您的 Office Server Search


    2012年3月27日 上午 03:22


  • I applied the following steps to resolve the issue:

    1. Go to SharePoint Central Administrator and select Operations –> Convert license type
    2. Convert License Type page will show a warning message “Office SharePoint Server Trail with Enterprise Client Access License”. You will also notice that “Enter the Product Key” box is enabling.
    To solve the issue, enter the product key you have for your SharePoint installation and click OK.
    3. It will apply the key and show you a success message.
    4. Check the Convert License Type page again. Now it will show you the correct message - “Office SharePoint Server with Enterprise Client Access License”. Also you will notice “Enter the Product Key” is not disabled.
    5. Re-start the IIS (iisreset)
    6. Search again and it should work.

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    2012年3月27日 上午 08:54