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  • 問題

  • 您好,

    Windows 2000

    Exchange 2000 sp3

    Symantec Mail Security for Exchange 4.5




    --- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----

    reason::550 5.2.1 Mail from <IP> refused: spam site.


    -----Transcript of session follows ----------

    ...while talking to

    >>>RECT To:<>

    <<< 550 5.2.1 Mail from refused: spam site.

    550 <>... User unknown


    不曉的這是我的設定有問題造成,還是Symantec 我有啟動"啟發式SPAM"功能造成的?


    2007年10月2日 上午 02:47


  • It most likely caused by anti-spam software, you may check the senter of the domain is not in spam list on your Symantec anti-spam or not in the public spam list.

    2007年10月2日 上午 03:11