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  • 我發覺當我用 Discovery boot image 的 CD 去啟動電腦安裝 Windows 的時候,
    每次只會出現 Command Prompt,我應該怎樣做呢?

    2010年7月22日 下午 12:54


  • Hi,

    The problem may due to the setup.exe doesn't run properly.
    Please check the following requirements are met on your discovery CD:

    1.    Make sure the setup.exe exist under the %SYSTEMROOT%\sources\ path, and it can run properly. To verify this, you can type "%SYSTEMROOT%\sources\setup.exe /wds /WDSDiscover" (without the quota marks) when you run into the command prompt after you boot from this CD, and see what happens.

    2.    Make sure the file Winpeshl.ini exists in the folder Windows\System32 on the CD and, the file contains one entry like "%SYSTEMROOT%\sources\setup.exe, "/wds /wdsdiscover"" under the [LaunchApps] section.

    The detailed information are listed in the following article:

    Creating Images:


    You can try recreating a discovery CD following the steps in the above article and see how it goes. Or, you can try manually creating a Winpeshl.ini file in the Windows\System32 folder that contains the following section:


    %SYSTEMROOT%\sources\setup.exe, "/wds /wdsdiscover"



    %SYSTEMROOT%\sources\setup.exe, "/wds /wdsdiscover /wdsserver:<server>"


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