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  • Hello all, I am setting up the NTP server function in the Windows 2003 PDC server. There are not much information about the value in W32Time registry, so hope to get some help here.


    The NTP server on Windows 2003 is for company wide usage purpose that will synchronize cisco network devices, unix servers and windows 2000/NT. Also the Windows 2003 will act as a NTP client to synchronize from the GRPS time source.(The Windows 2003 is also a Primary Domain Controller).


                                                                    /----- Network Devices (Cisco...)

    GPRS Time Source  --    Win2003 PDC   ----- Domain Clients (XP)

                                                                    \----- Unix, Win2000, NT Servers


    From the technical documents on the microsoft website, there isn't much about the detail to set up an NTP server. I have followed the steps of those technical documents and modified the "W32Time" in registry. Finally, it could synchronize the other machines. But I have not much confidence on it, since there isn't much information about the meaning of values in the registry. And any unknown change could be a risk to the PDC and the whole infrastructure.


    At present, I installed another Win2k3 to simulate the PDC as a NTP server(Not client for GPRS yet), and it works. This synchronizes with the Cisco Switch 2950 and Unix about every 17 minutes.

    Here are the registries I changed under "W32Time":


    \Parameters\Type -> NTP

    \Config\AnnounceFlags -> 5

    \TimeProviders\NtpServer\Enabled -> 1

    \TimeProviders\NtpClient\SpecialPollInterval -> 900

    \Config\MaxPosPhaseCorrection -> 172800

    \Config\MaxNegPhaseCorrection -> 172800

    \Config\LocalClockDispersion -> 0 (Previous 10)


    Run the commands to restart the time service:

    - net stop w32time

    - net start w32time




    There are questions about the NTP in Win2003

    (1) Does NTP in Win2003 have the security option to set a key for authentication?

    (2) How to set the value of registry and control the interval that clients update their time?


    I have made a call to Microsoft, but they treated it as a "How to", no support on this. @.@


    Thanks to all, any information is appreciated.

    (Chinese is ok for me..)

    2008年7月25日 上午 08:24