[SCOM]exchange报错II,请各位帮忙看下,如何解决?谢谢! RRS feed

  • 問題

  • Alert Source Queue
    Alert severity
    Age 11 Hours, 30 Minutes
    Repeat Count 0

    Alert Description

    The SMTP Remote Retry Queue Total is above the threshold. The value is greater than the threshold for 3 times.
    Alert Status

    Once you have identified the problem and taken corrective action, you can select 'Closed' which will remove the Alert from the system once changes are committed.



    SMTP Remote Retry Queue Monitor. This is the number of messages in the remote queue that cannot be sent to another server because that server has an error.

    This monitor raises an alert if the SMTP Remote Retry Queue is above the monitor threshold for a number of consecutive samples (the default is 3 consecutive samples).


    The remote server may be down or inaccessible due to network outages or similar problems.


    In System Manager, check the remote servers to which messages are queued. In System Manager, expand the server name then highlight Queues.

    If the messages are queued to a single remote server, then investigate that server.

    If the messages are queued to several servers, then investigate network and Active Directory problems.

    2009年1月22日 上午 01:49


  • 这个错误信息我也经常收到,是否因为客户端邮件发送失败就会生成这个错误报告?


    2009年1月22日 上午 02:07
  • 此問題是經由你的SCOM Anget所發出的Alert告知你的Exchange的Queue中的信件數量已經超過設定的警告值3次。
    因此你應該去檢查一下你的Exchange Queue中的信件是不是都是正常的Retry信件?還是只是SPAMER BOMB所造成的系統退信?
    若都是正常信件的Retry,那麼可能代表你的Exchange Disk I/O效能很差或者是硬體等級不足。
    2009年1月31日 上午 08:27