Can't send mail to external RRS feed

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  • Brother please help


    We have SBS server with 2003 exchange server.  Today we find exchange server only send mail to internal client can't send mail to external. Where has problem? And i find event viewer only has 1023 and show POP3 connector problem but my client computer is not use POP3 send mail.Please help



    2008年4月9日 上午 04:26



    Have you deploy ISA Server on this SBS box?

    Can you try to telnet 25 at your SBS box.

    If no POP3 client at your ORG please remove SBS POP3 Conenctor.

    Please check All Exchange services is running

    2008年4月10日 上午 09:05
  • Jammy


    Thank you for help


    We don't have ISA server and we can telnet other server of 25 ports.

    2008年4月11日 上午 09:05
  • Does any NDR(none delivery report) message?

    It's all email message to external have the same issue?

    2008年4月11日 下午 01:44