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  • WDS 的 DHCP 設定請問有什麼要注意?

    2010年7月22日 下午 12:48


  • Hi,

    If your DHCP server and WDS server are on the same physical machine, you need to check the “Do not listen on port 67” and “Configure DHCP option 60 to ‘PXEClient’” in WDS server properties. To do this, please open WDS Server console, right click the WDS server you have added and click Properties, navigate to DHCP tap and check the above two options.

    After that, WDS Server will add DHCP option 60 to the packets sent to PXE client.

    There is no need to configure DHCP option 60 on DHCP server.

    If your DHCP server and WDS server are on different physical machine, there is no additional operations needed and WDS server will automatically add DHCP option 60 to PXE client.


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