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  • Hi All,

    I have a problem on SNMP trap not sent out as expected. The platform is a Windows 2003 Server SP1.

    The design is as follows:
    Event-to-trap translator is setup to send trap upon each event id 101 generated by EventCreate. In properties dialog:
      if event count reaches = 1
      within time inerval is not checked
    In Settings of Event to Trap Translator:
      "Trap length limit" is not used
      "Trap throttle" is default of:
        Number of traps = 500
        Interval of time (seconds) = 300

    Then a program executes the EventCreate.exe every 5 minutes to generate a event of id 101.

    With the above setup, a trap is sent out every 5 minutes. However, from time to time some traps are missing. A packet analysing tool is installed on this Windows server, and it observed that sometimes the expected traps are not sent out.

    Referring to the event log, the EventCreate.exe is creating the event of id 101 every 5 minutes without problem.

    Any idea how to further investigate this?


    2007年12月13日 上午 01:44