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  • Dear All,

    I have 2 Windows 2003 ENT servers and want to set file clustering with
    Active/Active. However, after setup the cluster, it seems like Active/Passive
    when I follow the Microsoft Technet website.
    How can I make it become Active/Active Clustering?
    2007年5月8日 上午 02:39


  • In the world of Windows Cluster, it is divided into 2 major category: Server
    Cluster and NLB cluster.  For NLB cluster, it can distribute the request
    into multiple host according to pre-defined priority or loading.  That's a
    load balanced A-A cluster.  However, no "Quorum" storage is used, and no
    share disk is required.

    However, Server Cluster can only have one active node per virtual server at
    a time, that means, each cluster resource can have only one owner at a time.
    Even though you build a A-A SQL cluster, that's talking about using 2 SQL
    virtual instances on 2 different cluster node and create a Active-Passive x
    2 configuration.  It may generate big problem if the machine sizing is not
    correctly done, since one node failure will make 2 virtual instances failing
    over into the same node of the cluster.  In such configuration, I will
    recommend a N+1 configuration, for example, A-A-P and make the 3rd node as
    hot standby.

    If your file service is really a non-stop service, you can think about using
    DFS or Sharepoint to increase the file availability to eliminate single
    point of failure.  File cluster can achieve over 99.99% availability with
    expensive and reliable hardware, it can already fulfill most of the normal
    business requirement.
    2007年5月8日 上午 03:59