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  • Hi All.. I´v been looking for this answer without luck.

    This is what I want to do (I´m new in Sharepoint)

    I Have a list where I have included a list of projects, one of the collumns is called "Time_Assigned" on which I will indicate the time assigned for each specific activity (row) on this list "MS Project type list".  Also there will be a collumn called "time already spend" and "remain time".

    I have another list called "Timesheet",  this list is to tracking the activities and time spend on each of the activities mentioned on the project mentioned above, this list (timesheet) have a collumn called "Time used".

    The goal is, Using the "timesheet" I want to select the project and activities from the "list of project" of the first list and enter the current time (hours) spent on this activities, the idea is after press "OK" I want to update the collumn called "time already spend" and update the calculated collumn "remain time".

    My current proble, is that I don´t know how to link the activities and update the field over the first list using the values entered in the second list.

    What is the suggestion??


    2012年6月14日 下午 07:25




    You need to link the Timesheet list and list of projects by lookup fields. project and activities from the "list of project" will be lookup fields.  Then when you press OK you need to run a designer workflow to update "time already spend" and other columns in list of projects list.

    2012年6月14日 下午 07:38
  • Hi

    check this post

    and let me know if helped

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    2012年6月14日 下午 08:17
  • Great, finally it is working (the update), however I'm still having a small issues, probably it is basic staff but I'm new.

    Whe in my "timesheet" list I try to select a new proyect, I have the name of the proyect but I have also "all" the activities within the proyect list, my idea is only to have the activities relate to the project selected.

    The idea is:

    Proyect_Name               Activity

    BCP                               Research

    BCP                               Fieldwork

    BCP                               Reporting

    INFOSEC                       Testing

    INFOSEC                       Documentation

    With this information, I want to have my form in the "timesheet" list where I can pick the "Project_Name" and then have the option to select only the activities relate to that project and not to all the activities existing within the "Project List", and then I will be able to update the exact row in the list.

    I hope it is clear.


    2012年6月19日 下午 07:15