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  • Hello :


    When I use Exchange 2000 and 2003 System manager, I can see that what time users are logon and what time users are logoff in Mailbox management, but I can't find this function in Excahnge 2007.


    Is any programs or software I need to install ?  or I can find this function in which submenu ?


    I 'm already looking for this on internet and MS web site, but I don't find out any work information.


    Please everybody kindly help me to resolve this problum, and thanks very much ! 

    2008年10月30日 上午 03:36



  • Please open Exchange management Shell and type following cmdlets


    Get-MailboxStatistics -Identity Jammy |fl


    Get-Mailbox | Get-MailboxStatistics |fl


    2008年10月30日 下午 04:55

    Hello Jammy:



    目前所需要的可能是向Exchange 2003 System Manager中,點選Mailbox後



    不知Exchagne 2007是否有辦法做到?


    Thanks !

    2008年11月6日 上午 05:43

    Exchange 2007 SP1 GUI 目前應該做不到, FYI
    2008年11月6日 上午 06:10
  • 感謝您的回覆,Johnny!


    如果都沒這個功能的話,那就沒辦法了.......  x_x



    2008年11月10日 上午 05:52