請問有沒有辦法知道在網絡內那些電腦是由 WDS 部署的? RRS feed

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  • 請問有沒有辦法知道在網絡內那些電腦是由 WDS 部署的?
    因為我們想知道 WDS 的使用率,謝謝!
    2010年7月25日 下午 04:46


  • Hi,

    If you use WDS to deploy OS, after you install a computer via the WDS server
    (you may need to configure the policy so that computers can be automatically joined into your domain),
    the computer account will contain an attribute indicating that it is installed via a WDS server,
    the netbootGUID. If this attribute is not empty, this usually means that,
    this machine is installed via the network (and in your environment it is the WDS server).
    So, you can write a script to search the whole AD to find out the computer account
    object which has a positive netbootGUID, and that computer is installed from the network.

    I think you can find some use information in Microsoft Script Center:



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