使用ASPNET_Roles提供的Role RRS feed

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  • 又仔細看了一下文件..自己找到答案了..

    Lastly, there are two other things for you to remember: 

    1. Resolving group names: The People Picker can only do wildcard searches for Windows group names.  If you have a SQL Role provider group called "Readers" and enter "Read" in the People Picker search dialog, it will not find your group; if you enter "Readers" it will.  This is not a bug -- the Role provider just doesn’t provide a good way to do wildcard group searching.
    2. Use Policies sparingly: The concept described above for adding a user or group via the web application Policy should only be used to provide a way for an FBA administrator to access the site.  Policies are very coarsely grained compared to the fine grain permissions that can be configured and granted within individual sites, lists and items.  Once you’ve added your site administrator via Policy, all other users and groups should be added from within the site itself.
    2007年1月22日 下午 05:22