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  • 我方mail寄到hotmail被退信


     host[] said: 550 SC-002

        (BAY004-MC1F45) Unfortunately, messages from *.*.*.* weren't sent.

        Please contact your Internet service provider since part of their network

        is on our block list. You can also refer your provider to (in reply to MAIL

        FROM command)



    My name is Sai and I work with the Deliverability Support Team.  Thank you for replying to our request for more information. We understand that you have some questions about Namespace mining.


    What is Namespace Mining?  It is a method commonly used to generate lists of email addresses. This approach uses automation to sift through possible email names seeking to identify valid email addresses, e.g.,,, and

    Here is some specific information about the Namespace mining behavior we observed:

                  IP: *.*.*.*

    Time of abuse:  between 2016-01-31 20:14:00 and 2016-02-01 20:16:00

    Total RCPT To commands sent: 25202.00

    Total email Sent: 0.00

    NOTE: Our logs use local time stamps (Pacific Time). Please make the appropriate adjustments to reference your local time.

    Please use the details above to investigate this incident of Namespace mining.  While we cannot provide troubleshooting, we can give you some general information about where to look.

    • Check email log files
    • Locating log files:
        •          To locate Exchange-type logs, look in c:\inetpub\mailroot directory. The exact location of the log files can be found in tab General Properties -> Properties. of the SMTP virtual service property.  Undelivered email is usually placed in c:\inetpub\mailroot\BadMail directory.
        • Reading log files:
        •          The log files can be difficult to read in their original format. We recommend exporting the text file to Excel (or a similar program).
        • What you are looking for: 
        •          A three-digit code (250) with a related RCPT To: command. 
        •          If there are a number of 550 responses to RCPT To commands, that is a problem, because this indicates that there were many requests for addresses that are invalid.
        •          If there are a number of RCPT To commands that are not followed by DATA requests, that is also a problem because this indicates that there were many requests for addresses without any mail being sent.
        • Check for compromises
        • Check for system updates:
        •          Verify that your servers have all current system and security updates installed.
        • Check for system compromises:
        •          Run security and anti-virus scans against sending servers. 
        • Check for account compromises:
        •          When you check your email logs, look for accounts that may make lots of RCPT requests, with or without following mail. That may indicate possible compromised accounts. 
        • Check email server and firewall configurations
      • Verify that your email server or firewall is not configured to make repeated RCPT requests or to make RCPT requests prior to validating email content. Such configuration settings can contribute to namespace mining behavior.

      When you have identified the root cause of the namespace mining behavior, please reply to this message with the following information:

      • What caused the behavior?
    • What steps you have taken to correct it and avoid the problem in the future?

    For more detailed information about best sending practices to Hotmail users, please review the following white paper:  

    I hope that the information I provided you was helpful. You may also find additional information on common delivery questions at the Hotmail Postmaster site found at 


    請教各位大大該如何解決呢? 謝謝

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  • 執行長的信被退已反應給hotmail人員了,但回信

    Total RCPT To commands sent: 25202.00

    Total email Sent: 0.00

    ,請大大大們RCPT 為何連線那麼高呢?何且hotmal卻沒收到一封信,請問要往那方去找問題呢
    2016年2月24日 上午 04:26