SQL 2000使用WS2003的VSS(磁碟陰影複製)備份問題 RRS feed

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    Follow the steps below to enable VSS for SQL 2000.

    Re-install SP4 for SQL Server2000. SP4 is available on

    Restart the Server and the SQL version should be  ”8.00.2039 (SP4)”

    1. Apply KB940349-v3. The hotfix is available on
    2. Run “vssadmin list writers” and check if the MSDE writer appears in the list.  If not and if the Vssadmin.exe tool stops responding, apply MSKB913100. This is available from
    3. In SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Manager add “NT AUTHORITY\System” to the Login within Security entry.
    4. In Server Functions, I add “NT AUTORITY\System” to the SysAdmin function.
    5. Attempt a Replay snapshot.


    James Potter

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