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  • I have a shared folder in my network where a lot of users access and store their documents. I'm admin of this shared folder and I've denied delete permissions for all other users. The problem starts when a user creates a new folder and tries to rename it. Windows says "Access denied" I'm assuming that this might be because I've denied delete permissions for that user. (Since Rename=Delete+CreateFolderWithNewName)

    Is there any way so that I can keep the delete permissions intact, and allow the user to rename his files/folders?

    I'm using Windows Server 2008

    2014年5月15日 上午 09:40


  • 沒有辦法, 設計就是這樣的, 就如你所說的原因, 更名這個動作是一組包含了刪除和建立的指令

    而且Deny Delete會影響MS Office類型檔案的存取, 所以現實上很難使用

    邊幫助, 邊鍛鍊

    2014年5月15日 上午 10:20