Multiline text box of the custom webpart renders text with HTML tag in sharepoint 2010


  • Hi,
       I have a custom webpart which is just a form to enter the values. When I submit these enteries will be saved in the list and then I am dispalying the list enteries in the gridview. I have a link button in the gridview on which if i click it will redirect to the previous form with the corresponding details of the row of that gridview. But there is one multiline text box which takes value as
    <div class="ExternalClass6F4DD1052B0949DE9089342A21B32F41">Candidate</div> but I need only Candidate to be displayed.
    I refered these urls:
    I am not facing problem while adding into list but while displaying on the form after clicking linkbutton on gridview. After updation it will again save the text without <div> tag. Can anybody help me solve this issue?

    Thanks in advance.
    2012年5月16日 上午 10:52