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      公司安裝了一台Exchange 2007主機,但在事件檢視器上會有一個錯誤訊息,此訊息不像是Exchange 2007發生的,應該是作業系統發生的,此錯誤訊息的內容如下:

    來源:Windows Search Service





    The Protocol Handler Search.Mapi2Handler.1 Cannot be loaded. Error description:類別未登錄




    2008年10月1日 上午 03:21


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    Event ID: 3083
    Source Windows Search Service 
    Type Error 
    Description The protocol handler Search.Mapi2Handler.1 cannot be loaded. Error description: Class not registered 
    English please! Request a translation of the event description in plain English! An example of "English please" is available here.
    Comments Anonymous (Last update 11/28/2007): 
    From a newsgroup post: "This was also an issue on 64-bit Vista and we made a fix for it but it looks like the fix did not correctly address 64-bit XP.  The background on this issue is that there are two processes that can index on 64-bit machines. One process is 64-bit and can load 64-bit protocol handlers and the other is a 32-bit process, which can load 32-bit protocol handlers. In this case, since mapi (which is used to index outlook email) is 32-bit only when the 64-bit protocol handler process starts it tries to load the 64-bit version of the non-existent mapi protocol handler. It should call into the WOW64-32 layer to determine that this handler is correctly registered in the other CLSID hive and not display the error. For some reason this check is not passing most likely due to some incompatible vista only flag we are using when calling to WOW64. The good news is that this error message will not affect email indexing but will create event messages every time the protocol handler starts up". See the link to "Windows Search Service error" for the original post.  
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    2008年10月14日 上午 07:31