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    I use Windows Vista Ultimate SP1.

    Found Smart Card reader can not be activated.

    Went to "Service manager", tried to Active "Smart Card Resource Manager",

    got error code 1068.


    Doesn't look to me a Card reader problem, I have tried 2 different card reader and one smart card token, updated all smart card drivers to Vista 32 bits version.


    Use "regsvr32.exe /u vbscript.dll" and "regsvr32.exe vbscript.dll", Error code 0x80004005 shown.


    My Windows working environment..

    Apple Mac Pro, 2x dual core 2.66GHz, 4 GB RAM,

    OS X Leopard 10.5.2

    Boot camp v2.1


    Your help is highly appreciated..




    Update my status..

    I bought a new Smartcard reader, It's with Vista certifited Logo.

    Still not work.


    Device Manager shows Smartcard reader installed OK. But not able to Activation in service manager. I tried "Regsvr32 scardssp.dll" and Access denied.


    Reboot in Safe Mode, Run "Regsvr32 scardssp.dll" again, it works and Smart card resource manager removed.


    But since then, as I tried to Reinstall "Scardsvr reinstall" - got Error message Told "Access Denied". Please advise How to Reinstall "Smartcard Resource Manager"


    Still I can see "Smart Card Reader" in device Manager tree..


    Your HELPs pls..



    2008年4月28日 上午 03:36


  • Dear YML,
    2008年4月29日 下午 02:41
  • Any one can help ..... I don't want to go for a total Vista +SP1 re-installation..


    To Reinstall "Smart Card Resource Manager" Service..


    Can I use "Cmd", " SC create" for rebuild this service??

    Need your help to Fill in the fields of Parameters..

    such as, <server>, [service name], [binPath= ] and ,option is a MUST.???


    Many Thanks,



            sc <server> create [service name] [binPath= ] <option1> <option2>...

    注意: 選項名稱包括等號。
     type= <own|share|interact|kernel|filesys|rec>
           (預設值 = own)
     start= <boot|system|auto|demand|disabled|delayed-auto>
           (預設值 = demand)
     error= <normal|severe|critical|ignore>
           (預設值 = normal)
     binPath= <二進位檔案路徑名稱>
     group= <載入順序群組>
     tag= <yes|no>
     depend= <依存性(以 / (反斜線)隔開)>
     obj= <帳戶名稱|物件名稱>
           (預設值 = LocalSystem)
     DisplayName= <顯示名稱>
     password= <密碼>

    2008年4月29日 下午 11:43