請問安裝 WDS 時它會修改 Active Directory 的 Schema 嗎? RRS feed

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  • 請問安裝 WDS 時它會修改 Active Directory 的 Schema 嗎?
    如果有,請問 Schema 會有何修改?
    2010年7月25日 下午 05:04


  • Hi,

    When you add the WDS server, and before you install any client machines via this WDS server,
    there will be only one object changed in the AD DS, the computer account object for the
    Windows Deployment Services server:

    "This existing computer account object contains a child object known as a Service Control Point (SCP) object.
    The SCP object identifies that the computer account object is acting as a Windows Deployment Services server.
    The SCP object also stores some configuration settings for BINLSVC—for example, whether BINLSVC should answer
    incoming PXE boot requests. The SCP object is created the first time BINLSVC is loaded by the server
    (that is, the first time the WDSServer service is started)."

    Actually, only a few attributes of this newly created object will be replicated to the GC,
    such as cn, distinguishedName, instanceType, name, objectCategory, objectClass and ojbectGUID
    (not the complete list).

    I would suggest you to take a look at the webpage too:
    How Windows Deployment Services Uses Active Directory:


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