EDI 850 segment for Credit card information.?


  • Hi,

    i need to convert csv to EDI 850. Here we have credit card information in csv file so in which 850 segment i can place credit card information. Please let me know


    2012年5月31日 下午 03:40


  • I think you should use the N9 (Reference Information) Segment.

    The first element (N901) is the Qualifier, where you need to agree with the receiver of the document, what qualifier should be used for credit card information. In this example, E4 is used for "Credit Card Number", so you would have the following:

    N9*E4*[Your credit card number]~ (Where E4 is N901 and the credit card number is the element N902)

    Morten la Cour

    2012年5月31日 下午 06:44