Windows Server 2012 Data Deduplication function RRS feed


  • 你可以說它是by block, 正確來說對於windows server 2012, 所用的術語是chunk

    5) Sub-file chunking: Deduplication segments files into variable-sizes (32-128 kilobyte chunks) using a new algorithm developed in conjunction with Microsoft research. The chunking module splits a file into a sequence of chunks in a content dependent manner. The system uses a Rabin fingerprint-based sliding window hash on the data stream to identify chunk boundaries. The chunks have an average size of 64KB and they are compressed and placed into a chunk store located in a hidden folder at the root of the volume called the System Volume Information, or “SVI folder”. The normal file is replaced by a small reparse point, which has a pointer to a map of all the data streams and chunks required to “rehydrate” the file and serve it up when it is requested.

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