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  • 如我我有 3 個 Subnet,例如,,
    WDS 安裝在其中一個 subnet 內,我應該如何設定、從而令 client 可以找到 WDS server 及安裝 Windows?
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  • Hi,

    There are two methods might be helpful:

    1.    Updating the IP Helper Tables. You may need to configure the networking equipment's routing table to redirect the DHCP traffic.

    2.    Using DHCP Options 60, 66, and 67. You may need to configure the DHCP scope on each DHCP server to let the client machines know where the WDS server is.

    For more details, please take a look at the " Directing a Client to the Appropriate NBP" section of the following article:

    Managing Network Boot Programs:



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