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  • I have moss 2007 installed in Microsoft  Windows Server 2003 but I am not able to create web application or any site collections to existing web application.Before these things where working fine. And Even when I am visiting my previously created sites It show me message "Access Denied" However I have been working as an administrator.

    These all things were working normally.What could be the issue? Please help me to sort it out.
    2012年6月14日 下午 08:15



  • Hi ,


    First check which account are you logged on to the server with . Also check the web application service if it is started from the Operations => services on server . try using the Service account or the account you have added to the farm admin group .


    Its nothing but everything related to permissions . hope others are able to browse the other sites .  

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    2012年6月15日 上午 03:12
  • Hi,

    I have seen a similar issue before, and it end up with updating farm credentials.

    So I think to you need to update your farm credential, for this, you can refer to the following two articles:


    Pengyu Zhao

    TechNet Community Support

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