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Dec 8, 2009
From 1999 up to 2003 I have been educating dozens of NAV developers in the Netherlands at Navision Software NL, based on courseware developed by myself. After the MS take-over had been fully established I joined the MS dynamics localization team in 2003 as a tester. I was acting project lead for our first new release, i.e. NAV 4.0 (at that time still called MS Business Solution-Navision). For 6 years I was involved with all succesive releases of NAV to the (West) Eurpean market up till NAV 2009 SP1, when I had to leave MS as part of the humongous 2009 lay-offs. As off September 1st, 2009, I joined Imtech ICT Dynamics Solutions as Sr. Technical Consultant, where I will be (1) closely involved in the new product development strategy and (2) coaching dev teams at other Dynamics partners.
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