Am I missing something or is the surface pro Pen a total rip off? RRS feed

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  • I got my SP6 primarily for zbrush on the go, and I have had non stop issues trying to get a decent work flow down, mostly because the surface pen is garbage..

    First of all, this a $100 pen.. That's insane considering it does less than my Wacom pen. There is only 1 side button, the hover right-click doesn't work, the eraser has no pressure sensitivity, and to top it all off there is almost no customization options to optimize workflow. But what really gets me is that if you look online, there have been complaints about this pen working for 3D modeling software for ages, and Microsoft seems to have given zero fucks about optimizing and/or adding customization features for this piece of crap. That blows my mind considering they advertise these products running 3D modeling software.

    I have found some work arounds, like Tablet pro and their pen tool, but even with those add-ons the pen doesn't seem to work how I want it to. I just can't fathom that Microsoft is so greedy as to charge $100 for a pen that has as basic functionality as possible (not to mention not even including it with the tablet anymore). I shouldn't have to download third party apps in order to make this pen work, I payed good money for this thing.

    So in conclusion, am I missing something? I'm 1k in the hole after getting the tablet, case, type cover, and pen, and now I can't use this thing for it's primary purpose because of a friggen pen. Don't get me wrong, zbrush runs great and drawing programs are working wonderfully. I can at the very least start a sculpt and then refine it on my primary PC at home, but man am I bummed that I payed all this money just to be stopped in my tracks due to a overpriced pen.

    Any advice to help make this pen work better is greatly appreciated.

    Jumat, 08 November 2019 10.52

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  • Am I missing something or is the surface pro Pen a total rip off?

    Yes, all of your points above have been long standing issues since they released the product. They have very little concern for how well the product works and for the price of it. Charging so much for a device with such little functionality is crazy - even the Apple pencil is cheaper.

    Owning one myself, I can confirm that the hover feature has never been great for me either, the only button only works half the time and the benefits it provides over using my fat fingers is minimal.


    Jumat, 08 November 2019 12.53