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Over the last 20 years of working with SQL Server, MCSE Chris Bell has learned to see more than just a database. He sees a constantly evolving community. That community focus and the evolving and flexible nature of SQL Server itself is what keeps him involved and engaged. Chris runs his own consultancy called WaterOx Consulting. While he does a lot of migration work for his clients, he has lately been doing more training. Those training efforts include on-line video courses and customized training videos for specific clients. “It’s more of a laid back mentoring thing,” says Bell. “I’ll come in look at what you’re doing. I’ll say you’re at this level, so here’s my recommendation.” The manner in which SQL Server is its constantly evolving is what keeps Bell challenged. “Everyone uses it differently,” he says. “What works one place may not work for another.” That’s one of the reasons he also does a lot of volunteer work helping out the SQL Server community as well.
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