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Jan 25, 2010
I have personally used Visual Studio, SQL server, and lots of other microsoft software since 2005. Iam a microsoft advanced IT user and programmer, I want to get the most out of my microsoft experience, and I am always experimenting and coming up with new ideas. I even have used linux to some degree because of some programs capabilities with microsoft software. Mostly, I stick with windows for most of my scenarios. I have a IC3 certification and i wish to take my Network+ and Security+ certifications. I used to work at Garrard County School systems and my boss had me program every component of the whole school system down to security components. In addition, I have an associates degree and plan on having a bachelors by fall 2014 - spring 2015. Moreover, I really like xna development but I am still a beginner in game/simulation development. Overall, my passion is to do anything involving computer programming. I currently have Kinect projects I am working on at my house involving some neat activities.
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