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By Naomi N
3 jun 2013

This is an official Microsoft TechNet recognition program, where people such as yourself can get the recognition they deserve for the time given to the community. 

Wiki Governance: Banners and Logo for 2018

By pituach
5 Dec 2017 

During online and offline activities of the TechNet community, we are using images to promote the TechNet Wiki in general and in order to improve the visual affect.

Wiki Governance: Types of Articles Not Appropriate for TechNet Wiki

By Kimborly A. Ditto-Ehlert
24 Mar 2011

Some types of articles really do not belong on TechNet Wiki. While we love folks to contribute, the following types of articles should be corrected or they will be removed

Enterprise Mobility + Security: Survival Guide

By Cian Allner
12 Jan 2017

At the TechNet Wiki we're fighting a continuous battle to maintain the Wiki in good shape, to keep the community and platform within legal limits....

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